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It is surprising how we could have lived so long without the antidote of gloominess...The softest cure for our souls is nevertheless the one provided by Dolores Morcillo: oil, pigments and linen weft. All her work is then varnished with the strongest delicacy. Dolores Morcillo’s canvas incarnate happiness: bunches of flames and shiny waves of tulips. Finally she does not paint but writes coloured poetry of cadmium pigments, red, rose madder and Veronese green. Her stylized bunches of flowers are simply a real tribute to joy. Her brush gives birth to colourful arums, roses and daisies, all of them shining in a shimmering bodice.
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For Dolores Morcillo, painting is not a hobby, it is actually her true vital energy. And the reason why she started to exhibit to a larger public than her husband and sons, it is simply due to a lack of space for her paintings to flourish. «Before all, I paint with pleasure, and without being selfish, for my own pleasure. Sometimes I wish I could live in my own workshop so that in the middle of the night I could interpret a coloured dream that wakes me up...»
Dolores is not scared of an empty canvas: in her workshop full of light, flowers are just growing naturally! Six or seven canvas slowly wait on the easel for their final touch. «As an oil painting requires a lot of time to dry up, I usually work on several canvas at the same time. However I am never deeply satisfied of the final result. » explains the artist in a smile. « I always come back to a small detail, a spot of light, or a colour to improve something somewhere and somehow... Actually I want perfection.»
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Dolores has a background of photographer, this is why she has a balance in her works, with rigor and boldness. She dares to mix unusual colours. «I don’t paint in any fake or specific imposed style. I don’t have any restriction.» Pleasure is then her engine. Impatiently, Dolores estimated since the beginning, that she has no time to waste. She then avoided all academical perspectives and she took a shortcut. The way that she took can be called ‘Modigliani’ or ‘Picasso’. What a good start with such ambition! «I have learned by myself to reproduce some of their paitings with detail. This is how I started to use specific materials, techniques and colours.» The artist then started with personal works, without any reference to her favorite painters. The ungrateful duty of the artist... Later, flowers came naturally. «I am a kind of optimistic and positive, then nothing dark and sad could have come out in my works. It is not my temperament.»
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Finally this temperament provided her experimentation, sometimes even abstraction, but always full of lights and flares. Her sincerity and talent will be quickly rewarded. Less than three years after she started, Dolores increased her exhibitions. On a day of 2003, she received a call from America. The merchants were seduced at distance thanks to the Internet and they quickly crossed the Atlantic Ocean to meet her and buy some paintings. There is really no coincidence, Dolores is the only painter who is able in only four years to cut the rose without making it lose its elegance... It is just the opposite!

Aurore d’Haeyer
(Original text in French)

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